CFP: First International Conference on the Historical Links between USA and Spain




The study of the historical links between USA and Spain is of vital importance for the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Furthermore, the present and future of these two countries is marked and determined by unbreakable cultural and economic ties. The current globalizing trends cannot be understood or analyzed outside of the framework of these connections.

The City College of New York Division of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Instituto Franklin of the Universidad de Alcalá seek papers from a broad range of disciplines and areas of study with a special emphasis in interdisciplinary approaches to the historical links between USA and Spain.

The main goal of the conference is to provide a place for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to these topics, to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The conference will be organized in sections with different section coordinators. Papers on the following topics will be prioritized:

A.     Colonial & Post Colonial Studies. Coordinator: Juan Carlos Mercado.

B.     Education and Cultural Links. Coordinator: Lorenzo Delgado.

C.    Foreign Policy. Coordinator: Rosa Pardo.

D.    Science & Technology. Coordinator: Santiago López.

E.     Economics & Global firms. Coordinator: Julio Tascón & Misael Arturo López-Zapico.

F.     Military Relations. Coordinator: Federico Aznar.

Useful Information for Participants

Paper Proposal Submission: Papers should consist of a title and an abstract of 250-300 words and a brief biography (100-150 words) in English or in Spanish. Panel proposals consisting of three lectures related to the same topic are also welcome. They should be sent through the form available on the conference websitebefore December 15th, 2014.

Lectures: The lectures will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion. They will be organized in panels consisting of three papers. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and participation.

Publication: After the conference, the organizing committee will announce the Call for Articles based on the papers. These articles will be evaluated by an Editorial Committee. The selection of articles will be published in paper format.

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